Friday, 15 January 2010

Christchurch to Queenstown via Mount Cook

Mount Cook

I went on a four-day tour from Christchurch. On the first day, I was on a coach to Queenstown via Mount Cook. The driver kept up a running commentary about where we were, where we were going, and what there was to see. It was very entertaining and informative. On this particular day, the Driver’s name was Dave.

We set off early in the morning, and headed out of Christchurch. Pretty soon we were surrounded by the most stunning and majestic scenery of mountains and valleys and rivers and lakes. I learned about braided rivers , a term I’d never heard before, but which I saw many examples of.

I also learned that possums were introduced from Australia to New Zealand in 1848, and are now a serious pest because they have no natural predators here.

We stopped at Lake Tekapo where the view was fabulous. There were stones piled up by the shore. I didn't know what they were for but I added one of my own.
The Church of the Good Shepherd is a lovely stone church that is dedicated to the pioneers of the Mackenzie Country.
And the view through the window behind the alter beats any stained glass I've ever seen.
We went to The Hermitage in Mount Cook Village. The picture above is of the statue of Sir Edmond Hillary, of Everest Fame, who used to climb Mount Cook in his youth. The statue has him looking out towards the mountain, which is the highest in New Zealand.

We finally reached Queenstown around 6 pm, and I had a 7 am start the next day, so I didn't really get to explore the town properly. I walked around a little bit, but was only too glad to get a takeaway and retreat to my motel room.


  1. The photos are awesome and so is your story. There is a blogfriend in Christchurch and if you like you can find her blog here.

  2. I am so glad you contacted me via the Rooks Nest blog, I was wondering if you had been carried off by one of those racing sheep!
    You are on a wonderful trip, I am insanely jealous! I have travelled around the N Island of NZ but not the South, it all looks wonderful. I'll be reading more of your blog later. Have a wonderful time, stay safe and I wish I was travelling with you.

  3. That is a great view through the church window.

    Those stone piles are a little like Inukshuks (an Inuit thing). My inlaws recently saw something akin to Inukshuks in Asia.

  4. What wonderful pictures.And a great view through the church window.
    Christchurch To Queenstown