Friday, 18 December 2009

The Pinnacles

I took a day tour to New Norcia and the Pinnacles. We visited New Norcia and aWildflower Farm in the morning, and in the afternoon we set off for the Pinnacles. The trees in the picture above looked just like lace, but I can't remember what name the tour guide gave them

We stopped for a break at this beach with the most amazing soft white sand, and turquoise water. There were people windsurfing and kitesurfing, and the wind was so strong that we were sandblasted.

When we arrived at the Pinnacles the tour guide told us to follow the directions on the blue posts so that we wouldn't get lost.

But halfway around I stopped to take a picture or two, and when I looked I couldn’t see another soul. I tried to follow the direction of this post, but couldn’t find another post and got completely lost.

Then these two emus appeared in front of me, and I hid behind a rock and took their picture, but to tell you the truth I was really scared they’d see me and decide I was an enemy, so I waited till they were out of sight and I went in the opposite direction. I did eventually find my way out, but I was absolutely terrified the emus would suddenly run out in front of me again. They looked much bigger than me.


  1. OHMYWORDDD!!!Hahaaa!!! Lost??? How Awful for you!! BUT, These are Fantastic photos Girl! You're having Quite the adventure!!
    What's Next??

  2. I would call this an emusing post.