Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Arrived here last night after a 12(!) hour flight. The flight was okay, and for me the 31 inch seat pitch was fine, but the seat width left a lot to be desired.
Singapore is amazing, and I'm very happy with my choice of hotels. It's right in the centre within a stone's throw of Orchard Road, which is a shoppers' paradise. The Christmas decorations are brilliant, literally.
Today I did a half day tour by bus and by boat, and then stayed on in the riverside area, and walked the length of the boat trip, getting some really good photos. I managed to find a stall selling noodles by the Esplanade - a theatre housed inside the most unusual looking building.
After finishing up my extremely hot (as in chilli) noodles, I thought I'd walk off the calories by going to Raffles for a Singapore Sling. My Singapore Sling was absolutely delicious, and I really enjoyed the peanuts which sit in a box on the table, particularly the part about chucking the shells on the floor. I did wonder, though, how the peanuts manage to be salty when they're still in their shells.

I was very tempted to have a second drink, because it really was tasty, but thought to ask the waitress if they were terribly alcoholic. The answer was yes, and she reeled off a list of contents, most of which I've forgotten, but which included gin, benedictine, cointreau, cherry brandy and I decided to call it day. I reckoned that if I had another one they'd probably have to scrape me up and pour me into a taxi.

I've had great fun today. I met some nice people on the tour I took, and when I was wandering around on my own taking pictures, lots of people offered to take a picture of me on my camera.

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  1. How exciting; LOVE the pictures, Dee!! Have great fun! Yeah, I'd probably have had to pass up the "2nd" sling myself. hahaha